Hello world!

After considerable genealogy research, I am starting a blog here!

Hello world! Not too long ago, I dived into genealogy research and have been unstoppable ever since. I landed from one story to another and learned a lot about my foremothers and fathers. The intriguing stories I discover, I like to write down in this blog Eve’s Tree, to share with you.

I did not start my genealogical research from scratch. When I was a little girl – and my father about my age now – he himself started writing down“La saga des MAES de Wijtschate”. At the time, in 1988, he had relied on the oral tradition and memory of family members, the city archives and the local genealogical society. The account of family stories and family tree was beautifully typed out by my aunt on her typewriter. It was then copied for interested family members.

It had been brewing for a while to do something further with this, and after listening to a podcast with geneticist and genealogist Maarten Larmuseau, I got started. A look at familiegeschiedenis.be, decided on which genealogy software program I would use, and I was off.

I started from an Ahnentafel (family tree following both the direct paternal and maternal lines each time) that soon petered out. First the Maes, Aymoz, Dreissen and Debondt families, and step by step up to the generations before them.

Welcome to this blog and my family tree!

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