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  • Tribute to the day labourer

    The occupation of day labourer is out of date. Yet, it was one of the most common occupations until before the First World War. Consequently, many of my ancestors worked as day labourers. Now what is a day labourer?

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  • A deceased bride?

    During my genealogy research, I stumbled upon a mystery: a girl who had died at age 3 marries 30 years later at age 33. This is not possible, of course. Discover how I try to solve the riddle of conflicting certificates.

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  • Postkaart van Ets. J. Dreissen fils - Illustratie van blogbericht 'Post van mijn betovergrootvader' - blog Eva's Boom

    Mail from my great-great-grandfather

    I received mail from my great-great-grandfather! The other day I found three postcards online where my great-great-grandfather Jerome Dreissen’s fish business orders eels from a Danish fish exporter. An accidental but delightful genealogical discovery.

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The blogger

Eva Maes is a humble but passionate genealogist: she researches, and she writes some.’

Eva digs for the roots of her family tree and in her blog Eva’s Tree she writes about her genealogy research and tells the stories behind the deeds.
It began with the Maes, Aymoz, Dreissen and Debondt families. The family tree took her much further.

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Family tree research is not a boring listing of names and dates. It’s about discovering intriguing stories in your own family history.

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